Insite Bluetooth Smart Proximity Alarm for Cell Phone Cameras & More (Black)

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The Insite Bluetooth Smart Proximity Alarm from Audiovox can makes losing your phone almost impossible. This handy device pairs with your phone via Bluetooth and alerts you when your device is out of range. The same concept can also be applied to a variety of objects such as your car/house keys, digital camera, clutch and more. Simply download the free app and link your valuables to your smartphone. If any of your valuables wander out of range, the smart proximity alarm can be configured to ring your device, send alerts or transmit coordinates for its last location. The receiver also has a convenient keybchain and storage for your credit cards.

Brand: Insite

Model: LBL811

Condition: New

Packaging: Hassle-Free

What you get:

Bluetooth Smart Proximity Alarm

Product Features

  • Bluetooth proximity alarm
  • Wireless range of 30-60 feet
  • Rings your device or sends customizable alerts when out of range
  • Low-energy Bluetooth 4.0 technology for long-lasting performance
  • Capable of tracking multiple devices at the same time
  • Can be configured to transmit the last know location of your device
  • Includes a convenient keychain to attach your valuables
  • Integrated card holder easily stores your most valuable credit cards
  • Compatible with the Apple iPhone 4S and newer