DailySteals Tech Mystery Box - $90 Value!

$ 39.99

$ 89.99



Every 50th order will receive a special free prize from brands such Beats By Dr Dre, Fitbit, etc.

Surprise yourself or your friends with a Mystery Box from DailySteals. Featuring six or seven undisclosed items that will keep you guessing from the moment you place the order, the Mystery Box is more than just a package - it's an experience.

Take a leap of faith by ordering one for yourself, or give a friend or family member an experience they'll always remember and some new gadgets they'll use forever. With possible items that everyone from audiophiles to gym rats to tech junkies will love, the mystery box is a great surprise for just about anyone!

Forget about wish lists and boring, predictable gifts. Take a risk, mix things up, and relive the excitement and mystery of childhood birthdays and Christmas mornings with the Mystery Box from DailySteals!

All sales final unless defective.

Brand: Mixture of Brands

Model: See Description

Condition: Various

Packaging: Various

What you get:

$90 of Tech and a Great Experience!

Product Features

  • Randomly selected box of tech items, with six to seven items per box.
  • Dozens of likely possibilities such as power banks, wireless speakers, and memory cards.