8 Piece Furniture Sliders Set - Great For Home or Office

$ 9.99

$ 29.99



Though furniture is comfortable to sit on, it can do destruction to floors.  Moving the furniture to clean or to rearrange can be difficult and damaging.  With the 8 Piece Furniture Sliders Set, protect floors and move furniture with ease.  Just place the appropriate size slider under the furniture legs, and furniture can move stress-free against any floor surface.  Vinyl, carpeting, and wood floors are scratch resistant with the 8 Piece Furniture Sliders Set.

    Brand: As Seen on TV

    Model: 8 Piece Furniture Sliders Set

    Condition: New

    Packaging: Retail

    What you get:

    Four (4) Large & Small furniture sliders

    Product Features

    • Protects floors from furniture legs
    • Allows furniture to slide with ease
    • One person can push heavy furniture
    • Works on vinyl, carpeting, wood floors and ceramic title.