Ztylus Z-Clip Vent Mount - MultiPurpose iPhone Case with Kickstand and Vent Clip

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The Ztylus Z-Clip Disc has a dual purpose kickstand and clip that can securely attach your phone onto your A/C vent in your vehicle. Now you can easily access your phone while using GPS or changing to your next song. The best part is that you don't have to keep bulky equipment in your car that blocks your view while driving.

The problem we found with other mounts is that they require you to use additional equipment that you stick to your dashboard or window. Why have the extra clutter? With our disc, you can simply pull out the kickstand and clip it to the A/C vent. You can take advantage of the benefits like easily viewing your phone when you using navigation, switching tracks or simply checking the time without having to use extra equipment for mounting your phone.

To install the Z-Clip Disc to your case and mount it onto your car vent: Align the red dots on the case and the disc. Twist the disc to lock it in. Align the clip with your car vent and attach.

Brand: Ztylus

Model: Z-Clip

Condition: New

Packaging: Retail

What you get:

Z-Clip Disc Mount

Ztylus iPhone Case

User Guide

Product Features

  • FULL BODY PROTECTION: The Ztylus Lite Case is a premium leather feel case with a textured leather finish. It provides full cellphone body protection for your phone, without all the weight. The microfiber interior also creates a scratch resistant environment and protects your phone against scratches.
  • MULTIPURPOSE PHONE CASE WITH KICKSTAND AND VENT CLIP: The Z-Clip Vent mount provides an easy and innovative way to mount your phone onto your car's air conditioning vent, without any destructive magnets. The vent mount also functions as a pocket clip for your cellphone and as a non-slip phone case. Keep your smartphone safe, and feel good using it too.
  • ROTATABLE VENT MOUNT/CLIP: Use your phone in portrait or landscape mode with the rotatable mount. You're in control, securely attaches to your vehicle's A/C vent. Now you can easily see your phone while using GPS or changing to your next song. No more bulky equipment blocking your view of the road.
  • REMOVABLE DUAL PURPOSE KICKSTAND: The multipurpose kickstand allows you to position your iPhone for optimal viewing of your favorite videos, shows and movies. With our innovative disc mount system, the vent mount and rotatable kickstand is removable, so multiple attachment options are at your disposal with a single mobile phone case, such as the Ztylus 4-in-1 Revolver Lens.
  • MAGNET FREE MOUNT THAT WON'T HARM YOUR PHONE: The Ztylus Z-Clip is free of strong magnets and will not affect your smartphone's GPS capabilities. Magnetic fields can interfere with many components inside your smartphone, so our non magnetic mount is the safest solution to mount your phone in your car.