Wicked Audio Triad 4-Piece Set - Headphones, Mini Speaker, Ear Buds, and Audio Cable Bundle

$ 19.99

$ 59.99



The universe's most good-looking headphones company just got even more ridiculously good looking. We've been using science in the lab.

Handle anything the streets throw at you! This killer combo houses the stellar full sized headphone "Reverb," the small but loud ear bud "Deuce," and the bomb proof "Mini Speaker!" With this full audio jacket you'll be shredding until the cows come home!

Let's be real here. What we all want in our headphones is conformity-defying style and the type of unapologetic confidence that would even make your girlfriend's dad like you. Well, the truth is you can only get that with Wicked Audio. But only if you want unmatched sound quality wrapped up in all that ritty sophistication. Look, don't be satisfied with so-so. Expect more from your headphones.


*Reverb Headphone Specs: lightweight (7 ounces); 40 MM Neodymium driver: Impedance: 64 Ohms; Sensitivity: 107 decibels; Frequency: 20-20,000 HZ; Cord Length: 4 feet; Plug material: gold-plated

*Mini Speaker Specs: 40 MM driver; Sensitivity 80 decibels; Impedance: 4 Ohms; Frequency 200 HZ - 18 KHZ; Battery Life: 4-6 hours; USB Cord/Cable: 32.5 inches

*Deuce Earbud Specs: 10 MM Neodymium driver; 103 DB sensitivity; 16 Ohms impedance; 20-20,000 HZ frequency; 4 foot cord length

Brand: Wicked Audio

Model: Triad 4-Piece Set

Condition: New

Packaging: Retail

What you get:


Mini Speaker

Ear Buds

Audio Cable

Product Features

  • Reverb Headphones: Lightweight, Hi-Fidelity, Enhanced Bass, Noise Isolation.
  • Mini Speaker: rechargeable, wide range, portable, compact.
  • Deuce Headphones: noise isolating, with three different size adapters to fit all ears.
  • Two cords included: USB cord/cable and a bonus four-foot AUX cable.