Belkin F8Z630TT04 AC Adapter (White)

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Charge your legacy iPhone, iPad, or iPod in any wall outlet at home or while traveling with the Belkin Rotating Charger 2.1 with ChargeSync Cable. This compact charger swivels to fit in crowded outlets, making space for neighboring plugs. The charger's prongs fold into the base, so you can easily stash the charger in a bag. A removable 4-foot 30-pin to USB cable is included.

Swivels to Fit in Crowded Outlets

The Belkin Rotating Charger fits easily into any wall outlet. Its base swivels 90 degrees, allowing it to fit into tight spaces while leaving room for other plugs. The charger's prongs fold in, so you can toss it into a bag without worrying about damage. And thanks to 10 Watts (2.1 Amps) of power, your devices will charge quickly.

Includes Detachable Cable for Versatility

The included 30-pin to USB cable can be disconnected from the charger's base and used separately. Use as a replacement cable for syncing with a computer or charging with your own wall or car charger.

Integrated USB Port Works with Any USB Cable

The charger's USB port is universal, allowing you to pair it with any USB cable. As long as you have the corresponding cable, you can use the charger with legacy 30-pin Apple devices, micro-USB devices, and more.

Compatibility Information

The Belkin Rotating Charger 2.1 with ChargeSync Cable (10 Watt/2.1 Amp) is compatible with iPhone 4/4S and earlier, iPad (3rd generation and earlier), iPod touch (4th generation and earlier), iPod nano (6th generation and earlier), and iPod Classic, as well as other smartphones when using their compatible 30-pin or micro-USB device cables (not included).


Brand: Belkin

Model: F8Z630TT04

Condition: New

Packaging: Retail

What you get:

Belkin F8Z630TT04 AC Adapter (White)

Product Features

  • Wall Charger with 90 Degree rotating prongs
  • Rapid-charge USB port
  • 4-foot Charge Sync cable for iPad, iPhone, and iPod