As Seen On TV Lint-Be-Gone Vent Cleaning System

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Lint-Be-Gone Vent Cleaning System (As Seen On TV) - Helps Prevent Dryer Fires & Extend The Life of Your Appliances

Keep your house sparkling clean with this two-piece As Seen On TV Lint-Be-Gone Vent Cleaning System. Lint lurks in the places you can't see. Beyond the dryer screen and in the hose, lint hangs out like an unwanted guest. Well, kick that guest out! Use these brushes to help remove lint and keep your dryer running efficiently.

These flexible nylon brushes help you clean vents and remove dirt from under refrigerators, stoves, washers, and furniture.

Each one has specially shaped heads to get into tight spaces and tackle stubborn dust-borne lint and dirt. Used properly, they can help prevent dryer fires and extend the life of your appliances, too! So keep your house sparkling clean today with the As Seen On TV Lint-Be-Gone Vent Cleaning System!

Brand: As Seen On TV

Model: Lint-Be-Gone Vent Cleaning System

Condition: New


What you get:

(2) Lint-Be-Gone Flexible Nylon Brushes

Product Features

  • Removes dryer lint that may have passed by your dryer screen
  • Helps keep your dryer running efficiently
  • Saves money on utility bills while reducing wear and tear on your dryer
  • Helps prevent the possibility of fire damage
  • Flexible rods smoothly navigate multiple twists and turns
  • Convenient hang-up hole in handles
  • Easy to use: simply remove dryer screen, insert brush into the screen compartment, give it a twist and pull out dryer lint
  • Works on dryers with screens located on top of dryer or inside door, or on front-load dryers